Tips To Choosing Landscape Contractor

With a beautiful garden or lawn, you can transform your ordinary house into a great-looking one. As a matter of fact, quality landscaping may raise the value of your house significantly. You can enjoy endless benefits with a beautiful landscape, but how can you make sure you will get a beautiful landscape? For this, you have to choose the right landscape contractor. Given below are 5 tips to opt for the best contractor.

1. Do Your Homework

First of all, you should find out more about your local contractors and compare their services. You may want to steer clear of professionals offering unusually low prices. Ideally, you should look for a company with experience in all sorts of services relevant to landscaping. Also, make sure that the contractor offers strong references. Apart from this, you may want to check out websites, review websites and social media sites as well.

2. Know What You Want

You may want to get a clear idea of what you have been searching for. Let your potential contractors know what you want. All you have to do is put your needs and wants on a piece of paper. Your next step is to compare the services offered by different companies.

3. Keep a lot of options

You can choose from a lot of contractors. However, they will be different based on many factors, such as specialties, service areas, price and size. Also, you should know that landscape companies are also known as landscape design firms, Lawn care companies and landscape maintenance firms. Make sure you search for all of these terms when looking for a company online.

No matter what the companies call themselves, you should consider only skilled professionals. Given below are a few things that can help you determine if the company is worth giving a go to.

  • Samples of past work
  • Testimonials
  • Satisfaction guarantees
  • Memberships of organizations like Local Landscape Association
  • Experience

4. Ask Around

You may be wondering why some websites, such as Angie’s list got so popular. The reason is that the previous clients of a company are very important for success. Therefore, we suggest that you talk to your family, friends and neighbors for recommendations. Apart from this, if you find a negative review, you may want to dig deeper in order to find out what caused the negative experience.

5. Personality Traits

The landscaping contractor may possess all of the required skills, but if they don’t know how to talk to clients, you will have a terrible experience. Given below are some important personality traits that you should consider when hiring a contractor.

  • Creativity
  • Willingness to work with clients
  • Understanding of clients’ needs
  • Patience

If you want your project to succeed, we suggest that you look for the best landscaping contractor. As a matter of fact, once you have found the best contractor, you will have a great experience. Therefore, make sure you look for a professional with the required expertise and skills.


Tips To Mow The Lawn

There are a lot of benefits and advantages of having a lawn. For one, lawns help cut down air and noise pollution. In fact, they reduce sound levels by up to 40% as well as provide better protection against traffic noise. Moreover, lawns help reduces temperature by dissipating heat. Like trees, they also absorb carbon dioxide. It is for these reasons that you must know how to properly take care of your lawn and landscape. Experts in lawn care share some mowing guidelines below:

– Set the lawn mower high. You need to set your lawn mower at the highest preferred setting for the type of grass you have. Cut only the top 1/3 of the grass blade. When the grass is mowed properly, it can grow and support more roots. This will also help develop a deeper root system to find nutrients and water in the soil. Most grass types need your mower set to the highest settings. Some types of grass prefer a middle mower setting and some prefer the lowest mower settings.

– Mow a dry lawn. Before mowing, wait for the lawn to dry. If you cut wet grass, this can result in an uneven cut. Also, wet clippings tend to clog the mower. And if you dump clusters of grass on your yard, it can result in brown spots.

– Vary the mowing pattern. Each time you mow, make sure to cut the grass in a different direction. This way, soil compaction can be avoided. Also, the grass will stand up tall and nice because it will lean in the direction you mow.

– Leave grass clippings. Whenever possible, you must leave grass clippings on your lawn. When grass is mowed at the right height, the clippings will break down fast. And this will contribute essential nutrients like nitrogen to the soil. If you choose to bag grass clippings, compost them or toss them in your garden as mulch. But avoid doing this if you are using any weed control products.

– Always keep the mower blade sharp. Mower blades must be kept sharp for the cleanest cut. Whenever you notice any sign of wear, have it sharpened. Dull blades will tear up the grass, which may result in a grayish-brown colour.


Step For Trees Trimming

Trees are the lifeline to maintain life or development; you may listen to this sentence many times. But it is actually true; Trees are very important for environment balance. They gift us with oxygen and many things that are important for development. They purify air and give an accommodation to the wild life. It is a common thing that tree is valuable but do you know that cutting down a mature tree is also a normal exercise for a developed economy. You should keep in mind if you are cutting a tree for any reason you should plant a tree on its place to maintain a balance in environment. But cutting down a tree is not an easy task. You need to keep many things in your mind before performing that task.

Safety gadgets

You need to take care of yourself for safety reasons while cutting down a tree. A tree contains heavy branches and stem that can harm your eyes or body. Let’s look at following safety equipment’s:

• Shatterproof glass: Flying craps from the trees at the time of cutting can harm your eyes. So shatterproof glasses can prove a regular safety guard for your eyes.

• Safety boots: If you cut the tree with the help of rope so it may fall on your leg. For keeping your legs safe use either safety covered boots or knee pads.

Tools to handle

You need to collect all tools before you start with cutting. Tools depend on the size and placement of the tree. Have a look on below mentioned tools use for tree trimming:

• Axe: It is a tool that is first need to cut a tree. Axe helps you to hit a branch or stem. Continuously hitting on a particular point can break it into pieces.

• Staircase: If the tree is tall so you first need to trim its broad branches for this you need staircase to reach the branches.

• Rope: It allows cutting of branches located higher on the tree from the ground. You need help of others to cut a tree with the help of rope. For this tie one end of the rope to the tree and its other end should be handled by a group of peoples. When all will pull the tree together it will uproot and fall. But make yourself out from the falling zone.

A right procedure

If you want to cut a tree make yourself clear about a right tree removal technique. Firstly, you need to examine the tree properly which you want to cut. Clean dead and weak branches from the top of the tree. It will make the tree lighter. After that select a spot on the tree where you need to hit continuously cut straight through the branch to be removed. Finally, make a final cut through the remaining portion of the branch.

Removing a tree is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. Tree removal is not as easy as it looks so you need to follow a step to step guide for this task. Whether tree is large or small try to follow correct techniques and tools for it. Take care of your safety while performing this task. Keep in mind that tree trimming activity leaves you with a mess on ground so make sure to clean it properly.


How To Choose Lighting For A Fountain

A simple fountain is transformed into something entertaining and theatrical with the right type of lighting. The combination of flowing water and reflections onto nearby surfaces is certain to help create a stunning focal feature in the garden. Here are a few things to consider in the process of choosing the right type of fountain light:

Different types of lights

The most stylish lights in the fountain are the submersible lights. They are designed to go beneath the surface of the water and will light up the main fountain. This helps to create the shimmering and quite magical look. Also, the best lights can include interchangeable colored lenses to create the look that constantly changes. Alternatively, the tabletop or wall-mounted fountains can have their look enhanced with a clip on style light. They are very easy to install and make the surface of the water glow from above. Other light styles include the spitters with lights and lily pad lights.

Use the right wattage

When it comes to picking the right fountain light it is essential to go with one that matches the overall size of the basin. Most of the lights intended for a small fountain have 5 or 10 watts. Bulbs with the higher wattage will give the brighter shine. A large fountain or pond can benefit from 20 to 40 watts.

Also, the different bulb options can make a difference. The LEDs are among the most durable and design to run cool which will not impact the temperature of the pond water. A further great option is the halogen lights which aren’t quite as durable, but still strong enough for the outdoor environment. Plus, they are a great choice for the multicolored look.

Consider the surrounding environment

In the process of planning the look for the fountain it is critical to consider the surrounding environment. With the right type and wattage it is that much easier to define the function of a patio area or set the desired mood. Also, the preferred fountain light should not be in conflict or be overly distracting to the home or other surroundings. The best lights simply create the right mood and are not there simply to call attention.

Install different light fixtures

A wonderful way to create the most unique look and enhance the all-round beauty of the water is to install several different types of lights at multiple heights. For instance, a combination of submersible and recessed lights can really help to highlight the flow of the water in different directions.