How To Choose Lighting For A Fountain

A simple fountain is transformed into something entertaining and theatrical with the right type of lighting. The combination of flowing water and reflections onto nearby surfaces is certain to help create a stunning focal feature in the garden. Here are a few things to consider in the process of choosing the right type of fountain light:

Different types of lights

The most stylish lights in the fountain are the submersible lights. They are designed to go beneath the surface of the water and will light up the main fountain. This helps to create the shimmering and quite magical look. Also, the best lights can include interchangeable colored lenses to create the look that constantly changes. Alternatively, the tabletop or wall-mounted fountains can have their look enhanced with a clip on style light. They are very easy to install and make the surface of the water glow from above. Other light styles include the spitters with lights and lily pad lights.

Use the right wattage

When it comes to picking the right fountain light it is essential to go with one that matches the overall size of the basin. Most of the lights intended for a small fountain have 5 or 10 watts. Bulbs with the higher wattage will give the brighter shine. A large fountain or pond can benefit from 20 to 40 watts.

Also, the different bulb options can make a difference. The LEDs are among the most durable and design to run cool which will not impact the temperature of the pond water. A further great option is the halogen lights which aren’t quite as durable, but still strong enough for the outdoor environment. Plus, they are a great choice for the multicolored look.

Consider the surrounding environment

In the process of planning the look for the fountain it is critical to consider the surrounding environment. With the right type and wattage it is that much easier to define the function of a patio area or set the desired mood. Also, the preferred fountain light should not be in conflict or be overly distracting to the home or other surroundings. The best lights simply create the right mood and are not there simply to call attention.

Install different light fixtures

A wonderful way to create the most unique look and enhance the all-round beauty of the water is to install several different types of lights at multiple heights. For instance, a combination of submersible and recessed lights can really help to highlight the flow of the water in different directions.